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Successful Columbia University Graduate Offers 1-on-1 Tutoring for All Ages, Many Subjects I am a female Columbia University economics grad, and am offering ONE ON ONE, special tutoring/teaching services in a variety of subjects to students/learners of all ages located anywhere in the world. I can tutor online (Skype, Oovo, etc).


I owe much of my 7-years' tutoring success to my patience with my students of all ages, my genuine care for their achievements and a focused plan on how to help them. I am great with kids too! Tutoring available in these subjects: SAT/ACT, biology, algebra, chemistry, English, English language, all math through calculus 3, basic Spanish 1 and 2, history and all science through organic chemistry 1.


If you know a child who needs help with his or her education, regardless of their age, I highly recommend my friend Sonika. I have seen the results she can produce! To coontact her just send her an email at internationaltutor1@gmail.com


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