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Successful Columbia University Graduate Offers 1-on-1 Tutoring for All Ages, Many Subjects I am a female Columbia University economics grad, and am offering ONE ON ONE, special tutoring/teaching services in a variety of subjects to students/learners of all ages located anywhere in the world. I can tutor online (Skype, Oovo, etc).


I owe much of my 7-years' tutoring success to my patience with my students of all ages, my genuine care for their achievements and a focused plan on how to help them. I am great with kids too! Tutoring available in these subjects: SAT/ACT, biology, algebra, chemistry, English, English language, all math through calculus 3, basic Spanish 1 and 2, history and all science through organic chemistry 1.


If you know a child who needs help with his or her education, regardless of their age, I highly recommend my friend Sonika. I have seen the results she can produce! To coontact her just send her an email at


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Reproductive Health And Wellness

Thought For August 2012

  If you are blaming someone else in your life for a situation then STOP! right there...

Health And Wellness Quartly Article

  Relying on home sperm counting kits may cause you to lose thousands of eggs...

Health And Wellness Featured Remedy

  Ginger up your life to help relief morning sickness, menstrual cramps, headaches, colds....

Ask Hannah August 2012

  Answering Your Questions Bridging Traditional Medicine And Medical Intuition...

Reproductive Health Research Snapshot

  Does traditional infertility treatments heighten risk of birth defects...

Planetary Wisdom

  Grandmother Janette helps us understand what planetary forces are working with us...

Lumalove Stepping Stones

  What does the brand name Lumalove mean, who we are and where we are going...

Thought For This Quarter

You are the co-creator of the reality we call life.


If you are blaming someone else in your life for a situation then STOP! right there. You are the co-creator of the reality we call life. If something is not working for you then ask yourself, "What have I done or what am I doing that is creating this situation"?

If you cannot figure out the answer then stop the conflict and the chaos around you, and start honoring those around you instead. Life is not easy for any of us. No one knows what it is really like to walk in another person's shoes. Life changes when we start to recognize the greatness in those that we interact with on a daily basis.

Life is what you make of it!

Our spoken or unspoken words carry a great deal of energy and power, and have the ability to empower or destroy another. So for the next month look at people differently. They are all strangers in many ways trying to get through the journey we call life. Give a smile, a helping hand, a word of encouragement or a gesture of gratitude and see how life unfolds.  

This Quarter's Article

Relying On Home Sperm Counting Kits May Cause You To Lose Thousands Of Eggs


2012 saw the launch of a new do-it-yourself product that checks for male sperm count. This easy to use sperm counting home monitoring kit is an FDA approved product called SpermCheck. It claims 98% accuracy in determining whether or not the male sperm count is within normal or abnormal ranges.

A positive SpermCheck result indicates that the male sperm count is above 20,000,000 sperm per milliliter of semen, which is classified as to be within a normal range.

Male infertility is a serious medical condition.

 This new SpermCheck kit can be easily found online or in most pharmacies, and costs about $40. It is used by mixing ejaculated semen with a solution in the kit, and dropping the mixture onto a test strip. Similar to a pregnancy test, a reddish line indicates a positive normal sperm count, and a negative test shows no color, indicating an inadequate sperm count.

Personally I think this is a innovative product, but as a woman's health care provider, I want to educate you about "sperm analysis" and why relying on a home sperm counting device may cause you to lose hundreds and thousands of eggs if you do not have all of your sperm facts straight.

It is a well researched fact that 7.3 million women suffer from infertility every year in the US. The cause of infertility is 40% female and 40% male, while 20% of cases have a combined male and female factor. Infertility is a serious medical condition and should be treated as such.

Male and femalie infertility.

Fifty percent of male infertility cases are irreversible, and these men can never father a child. The other 50% of cases are caused by a treatable medical condition. The longer the problem persists, the lower the chance there is of getting your partner pregnant. This is why if you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, it is critical that you know these sperm facts.



Every month the male body produces over 12 billion immature sperm in the testes. It takes about 20 days to mature sperm. Under normal circumstances over 300 million sperm are released in the seminal fluid when a man ejaculates.

Only 200 to 300 of these sperms will ever survive the 10-hour marathon it takes to get from the vagina into the fallopian tube where the female egg patiently waits. Sperm have between 12 and 48 hours to find the female egg before they die off. Sperm can live 3 to 5 days in the body, and outside the body sperm die off rapidly as they need to be kept warm for survival.

Semen analysis and male infertility.



It is my opinion that there is only one way to have your sperm tested properly, and that is to have a qualified health care provider, who is either an urologist or an infertility specialist, order and perform the test. The reason for this is that knowing the number of sperm you have is only one aspect of a semen analysis (sperm check).



Semen Volume: Should be 2 to 6 million per cubic centimeter (cc)

Sperm Count: 40,000,000 is normal. Less than 20,000,000 is classified as low.

Motility: 60% of sperm should be able to swim forward.

Morphology: 70% of sperm should have one head, one tail and a body.

Semen Fluid Test: The male ejaculated fluid should liquefy within 20 to 30 minutes.

Semen pH: Sperm pH should be between 7.2 and 8.0.

White Blood Cells: More than 5 white blood cells indicate an infection.

A home sperm count kit only tells you whether or not your partner has above 20,000,000 sperm in the tested sample. It tells you nothing about the sperms’ ability to swim, and if they are shaped properly, non-defective and uninfected.

 It has been my experience that infertility is generally a silent and emotionally painful condition. No one wants to talk about it, as admitting to the fact that we have infertility makes us feel we have failed our womanhood or manhood in some way. Furthermore, when we do seek help, the big question that is on our minds is "who is to blame?" I think on the whole women are more open to knowing the truth. Many men think that if they are producing a "load", then they do not need to be checked. This is far from the truth!

Medical sperm analysis is the only way to go.



A positive home sperm test may reassure you and your partner that he has enough sperm, so you may decide to try for another 6 months or more before seeking medical evaluation. Every month that you fail to get pregnant, you are losing 700 to 1,000 irreplaceable eggs. Once you use up all of your eggs, that is it! You can no longer have a baby. If you have been trying for more than 12 months to get pregnant, then you should have a proper infertility work up done. Sometimes when a man knows that he has enough sperm prior to an infertility appointment, it takes the pressure off him a bit, as now in his mind he feels “he is not to blame”. But this is not always the case.

On the other hand, a positive home sperm test may result in your partner not seeing a specialist, as he has just proved to you that his sperm count is good, if he is also uneducated as to the many aspects of a semen analysis.

A negative home sperm test may cause you and your partner a lot of worry, but hopefully will force you to seek medical evaluation in order to understand why the test is negative. Sperm counts vary from one ejaculation to another.

Male sperm analysis results can caus a lot of anxiety.

I fear some men may turn to home sperm testing kits in order to determine whether or not their male sterilization worked, relying solely on a negative test result in place of a proper semen analysis. Research shows that about 1/3rd of men fail to return to see their urologist after a vasectomy (male sterilization), and 2/3 never show up for their second follow up appointment. Following up after having a vasectomy is critical to making sure that NO sperm is getting into seminal fluid. It takes only one sperm to impregnate an egg. One in every 100 male sterilizations fail, and the partner gets pregnant.

The male sperm is the DNA of future babies and defective sperm create defected pregnancies. If you are trying to get pregnant, then there are many things you can do to help improve sperm count naturally. And there are many things that sabotage your chances of getting pregnant that you should stop doing, even when you have a good sperm count and a normal semen analysis.

The Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® has over ten solid hours of professional education to help you get pregnant faster and know what to expect during infertility work ups and treatments. Learn more about the Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® by clicking HERE

Your sperm is your babies DNA.

Featured Remedy

Ginger up your life to help relief morning sickness, menstrual cramps, headaches, muscle aches, colds and much more!


Ginger is the pungent underground stem of the tropical ginger plant and has been used for centuries in European, Chinese, and ayurvedic herbal medicine kits. All types of digestive disorders--such as gas heartburn and nausea--are eased by ginger. It also provides relief from morning sickness and motion sickness.

The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger help to ease menstrual cramps and headaches. The warming properties of ginger help relieve chills from a cold, flu, and ease muscle aches from sickness or physical exercises.

Ginger can help with morning sickness.


How to use ginger:

 (a) For digestion, gas, or heartburn: slip a cup of ginger infusion as often as needed.

 (b) For morning sickness: take two capsules of powered ginger with water as needed, up to 1g per day. Sipping ginger tea can also help, as can sucking on a piece of crystallized ginger.

(c) For motion sickness: take up to 1 g of powered ginger 30 minutes prior to travelling.

 (d) For menstrual cramps and headaches: drink ginger infusion as desired or soak feet in a hot ginger bath.

(e) For colds, and the flu: drink 4 cups of ginger infusion throughout the day, and soak yourself in a hot ginger bath for 20 minutes.

(f) For muscle aches: place a handful of freshly grated ginger into the bath tub and soak in this bath for 20 minutes. Add 2 cups of Epsom salts to the bath for further easing of muscle soreness.

 Ginger Infusion Preparation:

Simmer 2 teaspoons of freshly chopped ginger root in 1 cup of water in a covered pot for 10 minutes. Strain and use as directed above.

Ask Hannah August 2012


Hannah, a midwife of 30 years, is also a medical intuitive and has the ability to scan anyone and any situation to see what may be the underlying cause to a disease process.


 Every month Hannah will scan and answer some questions sent in by our readers. Your information will remain private. Here are some questions she has scanned.

Midwife Hannah Bajor

Lumalove Question and answer.

Ann's Question: I am 35 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. I had one pregnancy but it ended in a miscarriage. The infertility specialist says everything is normal and that we have "unexplained infertility''. I am desperate. How can you advise me?

In scanning your situation I feel a great deal of sadness and unworthiness within your energy field. First of all you need to connect with your greatness and let go of any judgments you have about yourself. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. Feeling sad after the loss of a baby is normal, but remaining sad for years and fearing that a loss will happen again can prevent a future pregnancy and cause another miscarriage.

I too had a 16-week miscarriage, so I know the pain. But think about pregnancy as an amazing event that gives an incredible spirit the opportunity to become a human being. It gives that spirit the opportunity to feel and learn for a short period of time what it actually needed to learn from the density of the human body. Being human is one of the hardest tasks that we as spirits will ever encounter. Some spirits are so evolved, that they can bypass the whole process of birth and life and death by exiting through the process of miscarriage.  

Pregnancy is not about us, but about the spiritual journey of the incoming spirit and the unborn child. We as women are the facilitators. So look beyond your pain, know you are an amazing woman to have allowed the spirit of your miscarried baby to grow and evolve. My miscarriage healing CD has helped many women consciously connect with the spirit of the baby they lost. In doing so, they have gained a sense of inner peace and acceptance. To learn more about this CD click HERE .

The unworthiness I feel comes from an incident in your childhood that occurred at about the age of 8 years of age. I sense someone told you were unworthy. This was very traumatic to your psyche, and as such, you have become an overachiever in life, seeking to prove to people that you are good enough. 

 Getting in touch with this trauma through traditional psychology therapy, or having an energy therapist pull it out of your energy field will increase your energy vibration in order to help accelerate the possibility of pregnancy re-occurring.

Lumalove question and answer.

Linda's Question: After 30+ years of trying to figure out what's blocking me from my success and causing these negative situations, I have still not been able to "fix" anything. There's this voice problem since 10/2001 -brought on by stress and more. Also, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing, as in "purpose". Why can't I lose the pounds I've been working on losing for many years? Very frustrating!

 In scanning your question there is a great deal of congestion around your neck, which is directly related to a past life issue, and I see a form of strangulation. Maybe reading this statement alone will resurface memories. You may have to have a session with an energetic healer who does past life regression work to completely enter into and release this trauma. This is one of the major issues that have caused a voice problem for you. Your throat is also your voice in the world, the way to express yourself. When your throat is blocked, you are blocked in the manifestation of expressing yourself in the world and will have a great deal of discontent in what you do in a lot of areas of your life.

This past life trauma has also created a sense of shame for you and because of this, you hide the incredible person you are inside from yourself and others. The weight issue is partly related to the above. You also have to participate and 100% commit to an active exercise program to lose weight. Your life’s purpose unfolds when you are totally happy and content in life.

Lumalove question and answer.

Martina's Question: I have a cat that may need medical help. I noticed a problem last Saturday and took her to the vet on Wed. And after several hours, tests and x-rays and $$, they could not tell me what was wrong, if anything. Her stomach area looks bloated and not as thin as usual. Any ideas? She stopped eating for a few days but now is eating again; I'm worried.

My famous statement to my friends when they ask questions about their animals is "I don’t do animals", but here it goes. Cats are very psychic and very sensitive animals. They transmute many emotions for their owners. In some small ways they behave like humans, and it is not unusual for them to have a stomach upset with bloating and go off their food. The more you worry about an animal, the longer it takes them to recover, as now not only are they trying to recover but they are also transmuting your stress. Your cat feels very happy inside herself, so please do not worry. You have had medical work ups and all was negative.

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Ask midwife hannah.

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Reproductive Health Research Snapshot

Fertility Treatments Heighten Risk of Birth Defects


Fertility Treatments Heighten Risk of Birth Defects A University of Adelaide study is the first to identify the risk of major birth defects associated with the different types of assisted reproductive technology offered to women. 

ICSI infertility.

In some cases the Australian researchers found that the risk of serious birth defects, when using assisted reproductive technology, was 10 to 40% greater than that for natural pregnancy conception. Birth defects in cluded cerebral palsy and cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal abnormalities.

 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, the method by which sperm is directly injected into an egg, resulted in a 9.9% risk of birth defects as compared with a 5.8% risk for when babies are conceived naturally.

Meanwhile, the risk of birth defects resulting for couples using in vitro fertilization, or IVF, which involves a sperm and an egg being placed in a test tube simultaneously, was found to be 7.2%.

Clomid infertility medication.

Over 3.7 million babies around the world are born annually as a result of assisted reproductive technologies. These procedures are invasive, expensive, and involve matters of intense emotional content for both the female and male partner. Interestingly, the study found that the use of frozen sperm in ICSI resulted in fewer birth defects than the employment of fresh embryo transfers.

 The theory behind this finding is that the freezing process (cryopreservation) used to store fertilized embryos for later use results in developmentally-compromised embryos that fail to survive the freeze/thaw process. This Australian study also showed that women who used the common fertility tablet clomiphene citrate or Clomid, as it is commonly referred to, without the close supervision of an infertility specialist, tripled their chances of having a baby with birth defects.   


Original Article Reference link:  

Planetary Wisdom


You may be wondering about why we included a section called "Planetary Wisdom" in the Lumalove Health And Wellness Newsletter.

The answer is very simple! As humans, we are affected by any energy we encounter, including the energy of others, the energy of our physical environment, that of our work environment and the energy of the universe.

Lumalove planetary wisdom

The more energetically conscious we become, the easier life becomes. The planets are constantly changing, and so too are the energies they emanate. Planetary influences can be compared to the great ocean tides. They can be calm and gentle or fierce and destructive. Knowing what planetary waves will be coming into shore every month gives us the opportunity to flow with or against the tides of nature.

We are now in the sign of Leo, the element of Fire. The element of Fire can give us the balance we seek in all situations and can help fuel our personal energy level. Leo rules the heart and loves to bathe in his own love with the secured confidence of "self love" that inspire others. Now is the time to use Leo's dynamic leadership skills, and have the confidence to step to the front of the line in order to be the leaders we are born to be. This is a time to celebrate "Self Love and Radiance in Ourselves".

The polanetary tides.

My dear friend Grandmother Janette helps us understand what planetary forces are coming to shore within the next few weeks...


 July 22nd through August 23rd

 We are now in the sign of Leo, the element of Fire. The element of Fire can give us the balance we seek in all situations and can help fuel our personal energy level. Leo rules the heart and adores to bath in his own love with the secured confidence of "self love" that inspire others. Now is the time to use Leo's dynamic leadership skills and have the confidence to come to the front of the line to be the leaders we were born to be. This is a time to celebrate "Self Love and Radiance In Ourselves".

We are still under the influence of the August 1st full moon, which was in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is telling us to "pay attention to your intuition and listen to your heart". The Aquarius Age is about seeing the good in yourself and seeing the good in others and in the world. This is a time to be focused on the forces of positivity. Do not focus on the negative things happening in the world. Instead focus on the good in the world.

Lumalove health and wellenss.

People are waking up, becoming more spiritually conscious, and focusing on light and goodness rather than darkness. Live in the moment. You are all masters of your own destiny. Man must get back into his and her own hearts, and let go of the Ego. Know that you are the creator. Start giving a smile where ever you go. Start thinking nourishing thoughts and do not worry about anything. We all have to remember that during periods of great change, greater good is also stirring into being. In this new decade we are moving into a new age of Enlightenment.

The Aquarius information from the Gods can no longer be contained and our spiritual path will be activated. From the 9th of August, Venus is moving in the Sun sign of Cancer, which is a water sign, in opposition to Pluto squaring the planet Uranus, bringing up long term deep emotions. Mars went into the Sun sign of Libra conjuncting Saturn. This means that we should be getting in touch with our deep emotions that the soul wants to heal.

Mars in Saturn means that deep rooted emotional issues may surface allowing deeper, truer healing to occur; so expect this to be an emotional month. The best way to get through your personal healing is to allow yourself to feel. Don't judge the feelings. Instead allow them to pass through your system with acceptance. A good way to help release our feelings is to write about them in order to get them out. Then burn them. Acceptance of others no matter where they are in life is also one of the major keys available to us at this time on the planet. 


 Venus It is time the Feminine Energy which brings harmony to our planet and our people. Venus wants us to revisit the past for a greater understanding before we move ahead. Venus is empowering us to be in our hearts. When we connect our heart with our heads we will make right decisions.

June was a turning point for 2012.

Venus is the Feminine Energy which brings harmony to our planet and our people. Venus wants us to revisit the past for a greater understanding before we move ahead. Venus is empowering us to be in our hearts. When we connect our hearts with our heads, we will make the right decisions. June was a turning point for 2012. It is time to get ready for a quantum leap in Consciousness. Venus, the Goodness of Love, Beauty and Abundance, is leading the way to the 5th Dimension.

Venus is the twin flame of planet earth. Yes, Venus and the Earth are Twins. Our year 2012 is a cosmic historic event. The energy of Venus is playing a major role in our ascension process. Venus requires that women reclaim their power and men reclaim their female side. We have been out of balance for thousands of years, dominated by the male energy with wars, greed, power, and control.   

Balance bring health and wellness.

Life is like a Echo.

We are going to stay in the light. The most precious things in life cannot be bought. They must be experienced from the heart. Life is like an Echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you. Do not judge so you will not be judged. Radiate and Give Love and Love will come back to you.  

Do not let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past and not for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life. Do not give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Do not be afraid to encounter risks. It is in taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

 Do not shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love. The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly. And the best way to keep love is to give it wings. Do not run through life so fast that you not only forget where you have been, but also forget where you are going. Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.  

My way is not the only way. It is just another way. If I can be of help at anytime please feel free to let me know. You can check my website

 Sending you Much Love, Light and Blessings,

Granmother Janette


Love is necessary to heal.

  Have a Life's Purpose Reading

Grandmother Janette My dear friend Janette offers destiny and life purpose readings over the phone. She has helped many people become very successful and happier in life by helping them access higher levels of self expression through her knowledge and readings. Her rates are very reasonable.

Check out her newsletter and services by clicking on  

Lumalove Stepping Stones

Why do I do what I do?



Following the birth of my second son Bryan I had a very serious postpartum hemorrhage from which I lost over 50% of my blood volume. During this incident I met tall angelic beings that gave me a death option exit.

I was shown what life would be like for my two sons if I chose to die. They would be fine as my husband is a great father. He would care for them very well, but the one thing he could not give them was a mother's love. They showed me my funeral and how everyone would grieve, and the bad publicity that home births would garner especially since I was a midwife.

These angelic beings told me that if I chose to stay in this life, my life would change and that one day I would be known throughout the world for my work. When one has such an experience, it haunts his or her soul until this person takes action and figures out what it is that he or she is here to share or do.

Lumalove and what it stands for,

As time passed I realized that my mission in the world was enormous. And to achieve my purpose in life I needed outside help and to learn how to become a businesswoman. Part of this learning curve involved hiring a professional branding specialist, someone who would help me create a brand name like Pepsi, Coke, Pampers, etc. About $6,400 later, the brand "Lumalove" was created and registered.


What Does Lumalove Mean?

We are hoping that your first reaction to the word Lumalove is "what does it mean?" If so, then we are on the right path. Eventually you will know us as "the confident childbirth people"! 

 Hidden within the word Lumalove is the word "Uma", the goddess of fertility, to empower and support women in mastering their fertility cycles. When the "Goddess Uma" is called upon, she watches over and promotes fertility, pregnancy and birth, and amazing things happen.  

Uma the goddess of fertility.

The word "Luma" represents illumination. The word illumination means intellectual or spiritual enlightenment -- a great goal for our human global community to attain. The physical process of pregnancy is a very sacred event for a woman. Motherhood itself evokes a depth of "unconditional love" that only a mother can know and experience, and which pushes her forward on her path of spiritual enlightenment.

Meditating on the word "Luma" with closed eyes as you breathe in, and meditating on the word "Love" as you exhale create peace, calm and the synergy needed to encourage the safe transition of the spirit of your unborn child from the world of spirit through conception and birth.

Lumalove confident childbirth.

The side view Lumalove® logo, not by conscious design, is the shape of a pregnant woman nurturing and protecting her little one within. The 3 dots within the name add synergy to the visual logo representing the body, mind, spirit -- the father, mother, child -- the 3 trimesters or stages of pregnancy...   

Lumalove Health And Wellness Newsletter,

Lumalove's Stepping Stone:

Nine years later, after making lots of mistakes, I’ve finally achieved a lot. To date I have 13,965 people signed into my websites. I had over 10,000 people a month watching my YouTube videos, until last month when my YouTube channels were mysteriously shut down without just cause or reason (I am currently tackling this issue, fighting to get my channels back up and running again). Still, I am an honest person with a huge mission in the world. Life goes on and I will not let this minor obstacle stand in my way.

I’ve launched a non-profit called Lumalove Reproductive Health LLC. Through it, I seek to educate young women and men on how to preserve their fertility so that they will be well-prepared for when they want to have a family. I continue to seek out other ways to generate traffic to my websites. Lumalove’s new referral or affiliate program is another avenue through which I seek to build a presence among and strong connection with other women and men working with individuals who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.  

My Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rate


Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rates

Over the years I’ve learned to become a businesswoman, create websites and turn my knowledge into products and services. All 18 Lumalove® products are created by me. They are delivered in down-to-earth “patient-language”, avoiding “doctor-speak” and allowing my company to position itself to recast what parents-to-be need to know about getting pregnant and the birthing process in order to produce happier, healthier babies.

Lumalove® will one day be the #1 resource couples from around the world turn to for help in increasing their success rates with traditional treatments and for reproductive health education. There is a lot I have accomplished thus far, but a lot I have yet to achieve. My journey with Lumalove continues… 

Signing Off Until Next Month

I Hope that you enjoy this newsletter, and that you remember to always go within your heart and remember who you are Divine Love. You are perfect just as you are. You do not need fixing. You just need a shift in mindset.

This a very exciting time here on planet earth, and sometimes it can also be challenging. Remember there is always help. We are all here to help one another.

Midwife Hannah Bajor Lumalove CEO

Midwife Hannah Bajor CEO Lumalove LLC





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