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I owe much of my 7-years' tutoring success to my patience with my students of all ages, my genuine care for their achievements and a focused plan on how to help them. I am great with kids too! Tutoring available in these subjects: SAT/ACT, biology, algebra, chemistry, English, English language, all math through calculus 3, basic Spanish 1 and 2, history and all science through organic chemistry 1.


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Reproductive Health And Wellness

Newsletter From Lumalove®

Lumalove Thought For December 2012

  The more positive we are in life the more positive things, situations and people we attract...

Health And Wellness Quartly Article

  "To be or not to be circumcised", that is a question every woman is asked in labor...

Health And Wellness Featured Remedy

  Been cool as a cucumber. The cucumber plant forms large leaves that canopy over it to protect its fruit, symbolic of its protective nurturing properties of cucumber for the human body.....

Ask Hannah December 2012

  Answering Your Questions Bridging Traditional Medicine And Medical Intuition...

Reproductive Health Research Snapshot

  Rejuvenation of egg quality in older women with CoQ10...

Lumalove Stepping Stones

  What does the brand name Lumalove mean, who we are and where we are going...

Thought For This Quarter

The more positive we are in life the more positive things, situations and people we attract.  


Be positive in all you do. Never let the burdens of life, the burden of work, the burden of family or friends pull your energy down. Life is full of burdens for all of us but we have choice in how we respond to them. We can let them consume us until we are totally depleted, depressed and feel ill in some way. OR we can choose to see them as challenges and focus solely on how we can overcome them. 

Lumalove positive thinking

The more positive we are in life the more positive things, situations and people we attract. Think about yourself as an energy producing machine that has 100 cable wires going through your core from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. When stable and vibrating within a state of balance, these 100 cable wires are connected to each other and form your central core of energy.

When you are stressed or worry about the burdens within your life or allow others to upset you and take your power, you start to loosen some of your 100 cable wires. This creates an immediate state of imbalance, dis-ease and energy depletion. 


For example if your boss, coworker, spouse or family member has criticized or upset you and you choose to hold onto this moment of criticism or upset, you can loosen 20 to 30 cables of wire for the whole day. You have energy wires permanently connected to your past. If you keep going into the past and blaming others for where you are today, it’s no wonder that the present time is not going the way you want it to go.

A simple thing like getting angry because you were cut off in traffic can trigger a series of events that give you a bad start to a day because you unknowingly stay plugged into the traffic situation. If you are trying to get pregnant and you get to the point of being upset when anyone talks about having a baby or when you see a pregnant person, then you are losing energy cables because you are plugged into "not being pregnant". 

Baby shower

 In order to manifest anything in life including getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy outcome or being a more effective parent, employee, boss, spouse, etc., we need to learn to be accountable for where our 100 energy cables are throughout the day. One easy way to do this is to close your eyes. Imagine you have 100 energy cables running from your crown to the bottom of your feet and making a strong core. Ask yourself - where are my 100 energy cables?

If you are in any way at all in tune with yourself, then you will feel where your energy is. You may feel some cables are broken or attached to a situation occurring in your life. For example, if you had a conflict at work, then ask yourself how many cables you allowed to become disconnected from your core to this situation.

When you get the answer, immediately ask yourself for these cables to be returned and see and feel them locking back into your central energy core. Repeat this exercise for all burdens in your life and take your energy back piece by piece.

Some people are sensitive enough to realize that some burdens they may be experiencing have not only stripped them of some cable wires but also have blown holes within their energy fields.  

7 cvhakra system

If this is the case, then try to locate the area that is torn energetically and get one of my chakra CDs to help rebalance that section of your body. For chakra CD information please click HERE

This Quartly Article

 "To be or not to be circumcised", that is a question every woman is asked in labor!



I hope anyone who is reading this newsletter and trying to get pregnant, is pregnant or knows someone that is pregnant doesn’t miss this article. Today most pregnant women discover the sex of their baby through prenatal ultrasounds or through genetic testing via amniocentesis. However, a routine question every woman within the USA will be asked while she is in labor is - "if your baby is a male infant, do you want him to be or not to be circumcised?”

Male newborn circumcision.

 This is the one question I dreaded asking when I was working as a nurse during labor and delivery, because the answer the mothers would usually give was one of the following five:

  1. No, because I’m having a girl. (I was always relieved with this one!) /li>
  2. No!
  3. Yes!
  4. I am not sure!
  5. What is circumcision because many women from other countries have not heard of circumcision!

IIn this article I offer my opinion on this question, alongside important facts and an account of what the circumcision process is like that every mother should know.

The Question and the Chaos Informed Consent?

This was a challenging topic to me because of my personal opinion on the matter and because as a nurse I was supposed to "routinely inform parents of the health benefits and risks of male newborn circumcision in an unbiased and accurate manner." 

This is an impossibility when you are doing 101 things all at the same time when admitting a woman into labor and delivery.  /p>

Lumalove health and wellness questions.

First we need to confirm the clients’ identification, take a long history, assess her status in labor, assess the status of her unborn child, take her vital signs, start an intravenous infusion, draw blood, start fetal monitoring, manage her pain, answer her, her partner’s and family’s questions, and on top of this, we are managing others patients in labor at the same time… So where is the time to educate the mother about male newborn circumcision in "an unbiased and accurate manner"?

TThis should be done by her pregnancy care provider during the prenatal period. I cannot blame them either if they forget to discuss the issue with their clients as they are overworked themselves, trying to see more patients to meet the increase in malpractice and overhead, and the reduction in insurance payout per visit.

Your getting pregnant provider is too busy.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but behind the scene in every practice and every hospital it is all about crunching numbers. This is why we as women need to become self-educated so we can make more informed decisions for ourselves and our newborn babies.

My Opinion On Male Newborn Circumcision:

As you get to know me, you will realize I sugarcoat NOTHING. I am upfront and honest. Some things I am a little more verbal about than others and the topic of male newborn circumcision is one of these topics I am a little "hot under the hood" about.

Personally I think male newborn circumcision is a disturbing act of violence because it amputates the skin covering the top of a newborn baby’s penis. Up until several years ago it used to be done without giving this helpless baby any pain relief. Why no pain relief? Because the prevailing thought is that it will only hurt for a minute and the baby will not remember and will “get over it”. /p>

SSome worry though that the baby will have a negative reaction to the pain relief.  But, think about it. Without any numbing gel or pain relief, what would it be like if I was to put your husband's penis on a chopping board, tightly pinch his foreskin with a metal clamp and then slice off his foreskin with a sharp blade? Would he feel it? Would he be traumatized by it? Would he be in pain? Would it burn when he passed urine?  

Midwife Hannah Bajor

I know the answer would be Yes! across the board. And this is what we used to do to innocent male newborn babies every day when I was actively practing before my boys were delivered.  When I worked a newborn nursery I had no choice but to listen to the screams of these little ones when their foreskin was amputated./p>

The procedure is horrific to watch because the babies are placed on their backs onto a board with their legs and arms strapped down. Their genital areas are scrubbed and covered with antiseptic. The foreskin is torn away from his glands and split lengthwise so that the circumcision instrument can be inserted. Then the foreskin is cut off; the whole process completed without any pain relief.

Circumcision hurts babies.

 Just the memory of hearing these little babies scream makes me cringe. Luckily for me, my colleagues knew how I felt during newborn circumcisions so they would swap jobs with me when the circumcising physician needed assistance. Mothers were never allowed to be with their newborns during the circumcisions because if they actually saw how barbaric the process was, they might just stop it and the physician or hospital would not get paid. Like everything else many procedures are done for revenue generating for doctors and hospitals.

The good news is that now hospitals are mandated to use numbing gel on babies when circumcisions are done. But I wonder how much emotional or sexual trauma we have cause the men in our society that were circumcised without pain ??? I also wonder about the pain these newborn male feels for days after a circumcision ???

So let's go over some medical facts: What is circumcision?

Circumcision is the cutting off of or amputation of the fold of skin that normally covers the glands of the penis. This double layer of skin is called the prepuce or foreskin. Why God created the male foreskin? The foreskin comprises about half of the penal skin system and it has 2 main functions:  

male newborn circumcision!
Name newborn circumcision facts.

Protection: During infancy the foreskin is attached or stuck to the penile gland and protects it from urine, feces and abrasion from diapers. As a male child grows the foreskin gradually detaches from the glands of the penis and has the ability to slide back and forth. Throughout life the foreskin helps keep the glands of the penis soft, moist and safe from injury.  


Male newborn circumcision facts.

Sexual sensory: Pleasure The male foreskin has numerous nerve endings that enhance sexual pleasures. A circumcised male has a dryer, more callous and slightly desensitized penis due to constant exposure and chafing from underwear and detergents used in washing underwear.  


When and why did we decide to circumcise males:

In the mid 1800s doctors in English-speaking countries decided to circumcise male newborns to prevent "male masturbation" which they felt caused many diseases including epilepsy, tuberculosis and insanity. We now know their reasons were ridiculous!  

Where did circumcision start!

As of August 27th 2012, recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) state the benefits of male newborn circumcision include reducing the risks of HIV infection, HPV virus, urinary tract infection and penile cancer.

The AAP also says that the benefits of circumcision are not weighty enough to broadly recommend circumcision for all male infants. Instead their statement is as follows, "parents ultimately should decide whether circumcision is in the best interests of their male child," the AAP says. "They will need to weigh medical information in the context of their own religious, ethical, and cultural beliefs and practices."

How many male newborns are circumcised?

Nearly 80 percent of all U.S. male newborns born in the 1970s and 1980s were circumcised, because the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encouraged male circumcision at the time, frequently discussing benefits over risks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the number of male newborn circumcisions declined to 62.5 percent in 1999, and 54.7 percent in 2010 because many insurance companies are not offering reimbursement for the procedure. In recent years, Medicaid policies in 18 states have stopped covering routine infant circumcision.  

Health Benefits for Male Newborn Circumcision:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states the benefits of male newborn circumcision include reducing the risks of HIV infection, HPV virus, urinary tract infection and penile cancer. There is a longstanding notion that male newborn circumcision prevents urinary tract infections in boys age 2 or younger. But when you look into the statistics, we would have to circumcise 100 boys to prevent one case of urinary tract infection. A little antibiotic treatment is a lot less traumatic than the amputation of the foreskin.

Health Risks Male Newborn Circumcision:

Excessive bleeding: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states acute complications of circumcision, including infection and bleeding are rare and occur in about 1 in every 500 circumcisions. BUT 1 in 500 is still unacceptable if it is your baby. Those of us who work with newborn males and grown men who were circumcised sometimes see the following medical conditions that were cause by male newborn circumcisions:

  • Excessive scarring.
  •  Skin tags Tearing and bleeding of the scar.
  •  Curvature of the penis .
  • Tight painful erections.
  •  Difficulty ejaculating.
  •  Impotency.
  • & Feeling of having been violated Feelings of having been mutilated.
Risk of male newborn circumcision.

I am very pleased that more and more parents including Jewish and Muslim parents are questioning the wisdom of subjecting their male newborn to the trauma or possible long-term side effects of male circumcision.

Well, now you know my opinion! So what is yours? I would love to hear from you on my blog. Click HERE to write comments on my blog about male newborn circumcision.

Male newborn circumcision,

Featured Remedy

Experience The Cucumber Cool!


Many people think cucumber is a vegetable, but in fact it is a fruit. It dates back to ancient Egyptian times and is valued as an easily digestible fruit for all. The cucumber is a creeping vine that roots in the ground, and so has grounding properties which make it great for reproductive health.  

Cucumber natural healing.

 The fruit of the plant is called the cucumber and it has large leaves that form a canopy to cover and protect it, symbolic of its protective, nurturing properties for the human body. Cucumbers are related to the family of melons and similarly have high water contents. Because they hold large amounts of water they are often used as a diuretic and antioxidant to rid the body of excessive water, toxins and intestinal worms.

Cucumbers reduce swelling and help relieve gout and cool fevers. In addition, they are astringents and have moistening qualities which make them very effective skin treatments for decreasing wrinkles and soothing sore feet. They’re best known for relieving puffy, tired eyes.  

Cucumbers to Relieve Tired and Inflamed Or Puffy Eyes:


Our eyes are working all day long, and in this age of electronics our eyes are under a great deal of stress. More than ever before, many people are wearing glasses and complaining of tired sore eyes at the end of the day. Long working days, pollen allergies and crying can cause the eyes to become inflamed or puffy. To relieve stressed, overworked, tired, puffy or inflamed eyes apply a couple of slices of cool, pealed cucumbers to the eyes and surrounding tissue for 5 to 10 minutes and see what happens!

Health and wellness.

 Cucumbers to Reduce Swelling or Inflammation:

If you suffer from swollen hands, feet or gout, eating cucumber on a daily basis works as a natural diuretic due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to help neutralize and excrete the uric acid that builds up in joints plagued by gout. Its diuretic action reduces swelling and may also prevent kidney and bladder stones.

It is a fantastic fruit to use during pregnancy to relieve swollen feet or hand swelling and some nerve swelling that is caused by Carpel Tunnel syndrome, which is commonly seen during pregnancy.  

Cucumbers to Relive Constipation:

The enzymes found in cucumber support protein metabolism, which helps cleanse and detoxify the intestines. Furthermore the high water and roughage content in cucumbers are a natural source to help prevent and relieve constipation. You cannot over-eat cucumbers; they cannot hurt you or your baby if you are pregnant.  

Pregnancy constipation.


To relieve constipation you would have to eat 3 to 4 cucumbers daily on their own, in a dip or within a salad until the problem is solved. Cucumbers can counteract constipation experienced from the side effects of iron supplements within prenatal vitamins, those required to treat anemia and those that you should be taking when you are trying to get pregnant.

Cucumbers to Help with Weight Loss:

If you are trying to lose weight, then you’ll be focused on burning fat and excreting fat cells. This weight loss process creates toxins in the body, and eating cucumbers as part of your weight loss program helps you excrete these toxins faster.

Cucumbers also help the body absorb more protein in order to help build healthy muscle and keep your cells toned. They are a great "snack meal" because they are full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K plus Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc and Manganese.  

Cucumbers for weight loss

Cucumber Facial Beautification Treatment:

  • 2 unwaxed, unpeeled cucumbers
  •  One pint of whipping cream
  •  Tablespoon of Olive Oil
  •  Tablespoon of Honey
  •  Teaspoon of Corn Starch
  •  One Lemon Wash, dice and place 2 unwaxed  

Place unpeeled cucumbers into a blender. Add one pint of whipping cream into mixture to make a smooth paste. Blend in a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of cornstarch. Chill the mixture in a refrigerator. Slice the lemon in half and rub it over your face, keeping away from the eyes. Then apply the chilled paste onto the face and leave it on for one hour.

Have a cucumber of a month!   

Health and wellness using cucumbers.

Ask Hannah


Hannah, a midwife of 30 years, is also a medical intuitive and has the ability to scan anyone and any situation to see what may be the underlying cause to a disease process.


 Every month Hannah will scan and answer some questions sent in by our readers. Your information will remain private. Here are some questions she has scanned.

Midwife Hannah Bajor

Lumalove Question and answer.

Question: Jill's Question: I am 40 years old and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years. I am using cervical mucus changes to determine when I am most fertile. Despite the fact that I am having sex at the right time, I am still not pregnant. I am frustrated and do not have infertility insurance.

 To be honest out of all the 5 methods of ovulation monitoring, I personally think cervical mucus is the most challenging and unpredictable one to monitor. The reason is that if you are sexually active on these days, then it is hard to figure out what is cervical and what is sperm fluid. I never recommend cervical mucus as a standalone method.

In fact I think women should be monitoring with 2 methods to be 100% certain they know when they are most fertile. Looking at your age, 40 is on the older side and if you want to get pregnant you should be seeing an infertility specialist to make sure there are no blockages. You should have your hormone evaluated if you have not done this yet.

Lumalove getting pregnant.

I would also recommend that you get on a fertility vitamin and supplement regimen and learn all the things you can do to help the infertility specialist be more successful in helping you become pregnant. Time is critical for you - you need to get pregnant in the next 18 months if it is going to happen. Another way to help quicken the getting pregnant process is increasing your life force energy to help pull in your baby contract. I discuss this in detail in my Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula®. You did not give me your date of birth or location so I cannot scan your personal reasons as to why you are personally struggling to get pregnant.

Lumalove question and answer.

Question: Sandra's Question: I am 36 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for six years, and because my periods are very irregular I went to see my GYN. She said I had some cysts on my ovaries and she gave me Clomid to help me produce eggs. I am on my 2nd month of treatment and have not produced any eggs. In your opinion what would you advise me?

If you are not producing eggs then you will not get pregnant. I faced the same issue. I was told I was out of eggs but turned everything around and now have 2 growing healthy boys. From all the infertility medication treatment options, tablets are less effective than injections. Injections are way more expensive, so many couples have no option other than to choose tablets.

The purpose of giving Clomid is to try to hyper-stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs. If this does not work within 3 to 6 months of taking Clomid then you should stop taking it, as your body has not responded to it. I cringe when women email me and tell me they have been taking Clomid for over 6 months.

Ovarian hyperstimulation infertility treatment.

The recommended treatment duration for Clomid is 3 to 6 months. After 3 to 6 months of Clomid failing to help you produce eggs, your next step is traditional infertility treatment and going down the road of attempting IVF. I say attempting IVF because the success rate of IVF depends on your age and the number of times you attempt this expensive route.

You are 36 years old so the success rate for IVF using national statistics is about 25%. At $12,500 a month you could be lucky to get pregnant on the first round, but many women undergo several attempts of IVF to get into the 25% success category.

 IVF Success Rates By Age Under 35 30 - 35% 35 to 37 25% 38 to 40 15 - 20% Over 40 6 - 10% So with these facts you need to look at other treatment options to help prepare your body to produce sufficient hormones, produce eggs and keep your pregnancy, if and when that happens.  

IVF successrates by age.

Traditional infertility treatments do not have all the answers when you look at their failure rates. The first thing you have to do is to start fertility-enhancing vitamins and mineral supplements to help nurture and oil your female reproductive organs in order to help rebalance your hormones. At the same time you need to seek assistance from holistic energy healing therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology, deep body massage, etc.

Energy healing is a must for you. You can take all the vitamins and medications in the world. But if you do not remove the core blockages, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or energetic, then you are on a steep uphill climb and are not making it easier for yourself to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is a sacred event and it requires your body to increase its vibration frequency to match that of the incoming child.

Holistic healing practitioners all work with energy and each holistic modality has its own unique way of working. You have to see which modality resonates best for you to increase your life force energy. 

Getting pregnannt energy healing.

 For example, in scanning your energy field you may have some major blocks in your reproductive and heart area due to childhood trauma. There is also a past life issue you may have experienced where you died in childbirth so you made a spiritual or energy vow not to have kids in this lifetime.

Energy healers like myself can break these vows and pull in baby contracts. I also sense you are a very independent person and have huge issues in asking for help. To become a mother requires a great deal of surrendering so let this one go and be determined you will find the perfect energy medicine therapies for you.

Learn the many things you can change in your life that are not too difficult to do in order to help nurture your ovaries, stimulate your egg production and increase your life force energy. But more importantly no matter how hopeless it may seem now, decide you are going to go for it and believe you can make it happen. Then you are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen.   

The getting pregnant victory.

Lumalove question and answer.

Question: Elizabeth's Question: Thanks to your Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® I had my 2nd baby boy in May of this year. Words cannot express my gratitude to all those wonderful videos and the knowledge you share within your program. My questions are no longer related to getting pregnant or pregnancy, so I am not sure if you will answer this one. We moved houses 6 months ago and my 3-year-old does not like the new house. He keeps asking to go back to his old house. Can you help me with this?

Houses have an energy feel or vibration and sometimes they hold the energy from the previous owners or anyone you may have had come into your home during the moving process. The mood of the previous owners, movers or workmen can stay around your home for a very long time. The vibration feel of all new material within a home can feel dead and be upsetting for a young 3 year old.

One of the easiest ways to help clear these energies is to purchase some white sage from a new age metaphysical store and do the following: Get a small Pyrex dish and line the inside and outside of the dish with several layers of tinfoil as you will be burning sage in it and you want to avoid burning your hand. Open all windows and doors to your home, because you want a place for old stagnant energies to go and your smoke alarms may be triggered.

Lumalove clearing of a home.

Start on the inside to the left of your front door and sage each hall and room one by one. To do this you place a handful of sage into the tinfoil Pyrex dish, light it with a match, let it flame, and then blow it out so that it smokes. As you walk around each room make big circular loops with the dish as you imagine you are drawing big circles on the wall, looping one circle into the other. As you make each loop know you as a woman have the power to create a sacred space for you and your family.

This is a fantastic ritual to claim ownership of a dwelling. In creating ownership you are releasing any stale stagnant energies. I do this ritual anytime I have a lot of people over and I feel my space needs clearing. I also use it when I am doing sacred work, and even when I am starting a new project and want to have a cleared space.

If this does not work immediately for your child then it is well worth having his emotional cords cut by someone like myself who is trained to do so. An emotional cord cutting works immediately in letting go of people or situations.

Health and wellness.

Send In Your Questions:

Interested in having Hannah scan a question for you, then email Hannah directly on

Giving her your

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth And Age
  • City, State, Country
  •  Your Question or Situation to Scan!

Your contact info is confidential and will not be posted on any of our websites or this newsletter. Your name will be changed if your question is posted in this newsletter. If your question is answered, then Hannah will personally email you your response.

Ask midwife hannah.

In writing to "Ask Hannah" you are agreeing to allow her to post your question and answer it on her websites or newsletter. Many people have similar issues. So by asking your question, you may not only help yourself, but also help many others. Thank you for contributing!  

Research Snapshot

Rejuvenation Of Egg Quality In Older Women With CoQ10


Finally traditional infertility specialists are getting excited about the possibility of using CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) supplements to help increase the quality of female eggs especially in older women. Holistic health practitioners have known for a long time that CoQ10, a vitamin-like substance, boosts energy in the mitochondria (the energy-producing power stations of cells in the body).  

Rejuvinate your aggs.

Holistic health practitioners have for many years encouraged couples trying to get pregnant or who’ve had a miscarriage to take CoQ10, as it helps both the egg and the sperm to produce more energy, be healthier and therefore function better. The reason for the traditional reproductive endocrinologists’ excitement stems from team research done in Canada with Dr. Andrea Jurisicova, lead investigator and Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Toronto.

Using mice, the team validated the theory behind administering CoQ10 to help rejuvenate female eggs. Dr. Andrea Jurisicova presented the research findings at the 2011 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society annual meeting in Toronto.

Her study showed that during four animal experiments conducted on 80 fertile one-year old mice, the equivalent of 40 year old human females, the animals injected with weekly CoQ10 for 3 to 4 months nearly doubled their number of ovulated oocytes as compared to the mice who were not given any supplements. 

Getting pregnant eggs.

 Let's face the truth. We know that the older we get everything in the body ages, and the same goes for the quality of our eggs. It has already been well-researched that by the age of 30 the mitochondria are less active, and this puts the offspring of older women at greater risk of developing obesity, metabolic syndrome and predisposition to diabetes. CoQ10 may give oocytes the boost they need to become high-quality eggs.

Dr. Andrea Jurisicova and her team found that when mice were given CoQ10 they can reverse the effects of mitochondrial changes in oocytes, improve fertility, and perhaps reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Her next challenge is to translate these findings to clinical settings.

She is currently conducting a human study in which her team plans to administer 600 mg of oral CoQ10 daily for two months to their clients who are planning to have IVF (in vitro fertilization). She is hoping to improve the chances of pregnancy in older women while reducing the risk of genetic abnormalities, including Down syndrome, in their infants.

Her collaborative research with Mount Sinai Hospital physicians is helping to improve the health of women and seeks to increase their chances of conception and healthy birth. 

Infertility research

 Educating yourself as to what fertility-enhancing vitamins and minerals you should be taking when you are trying to get pregnant is critical to helping you to get pregnant quicker and prevent miscarriage and congenital abnormalities. Because I had a 16-week miscarriage myself, I personally used CoQ10 as part of the vitamin and mineral supplement formula I used to help turn my diagnosis of premature ovarian failure into 2 beautiful naturally conceived healthy boys when I was 41 and 43 years old.

Learn how you can access specific information about fertility-enhancing vitamins and mineral supplements that you should be taking when trying to get pregnant by clicking HERE. 

December Lumalove Stepping Stones


My 1st Lumalove Health and Wellness newsletter was sent out on August 18th and was a great success. 9,836 people received it and had lots of great comments and questions. Yippee to me! as putting this newsletter together was a great deal of work but the fantastic comments made it all worth it. Everyone loves the EGO stroked. Even me!

This month with a lot of hassle I finally got a blog connected and my assistant is showing me how to work the multitude of social media places I should be on.

Lumalove stepping stones.

The world is a better place because of people like her. She is a young business graduate, dedicated to helping me achieve my mission in life. She is extremely sharp and is much more familiar with social networking than I am.

We are still working on being more organized with the multitude of content platforms I have constructed over the years. We are working on changing the pink blog background to look something similar to the website, but in the meantime we would love to hear from you on our blog.

This month Lumalove established an affiliate program for health care practitioners that is a WIN WIN for all. If you work in a traditional medical practice, a midwifery practice or a holistic healing practice that caters to women, then let's work together to put WOMEN in the driver's seat of their reproductive health.    

Lumalove affeliate marketing.



Why do I do what I do?


Following the birth of my second son Bryan I had a very serious postpartum hemorrhage from which I lost over 50% of my blood volume. During this incident I met tall angelic beings that gave me a death option exit.

I was shown what life would be like for my two sons if I chose to die. They would be fine as my husband is a great father. He would care for them very well, but the one thing he could not give them was a mother's love. They showed me my funeral and how everyone would grieve, and the bad publicity that home births would garner especially since I was a midwife.

These angelic beings told me that if I chose to stay in this life, my life would change and that one day I would be known throughout the world for my work. When one has such an experience, it haunts his or her soul until this person takes action and figures out what it is that he or she is here to share or do.

Lumalove and what it stands for,

As time passed I realized that my mission in the world was enormous. And to achieve my purpose in life I needed outside help and to learn how to become a businesswoman. Part of this learning curve involved hiring a professional branding specialist, someone who would help me create a brand name like Pepsi, Coke, Pampers, etc. About $6,400 later, the brand "Lumalove" was created and registered.


What Does Lumalove Mean?

We are hoping that your first reaction to the word Lumalove is "what does it mean?" If so, then we are on the right path. Eventually you will know us as "the confident childbirth people"! 

 Hidden within the word Lumalove is the word "Uma", the goddess of fertility, to empower and support women in mastering their fertility cycles. When the "Goddess Uma" is called upon, she watches over and promotes fertility, pregnancy and birth, and amazing things happen.  

Uma the goddess of fertility.

The word "Luma" represents illumination. The word illumination means intellectual or spiritual enlightenment -- a great goal for our human global community to attain. The physical process of pregnancy is a very sacred event for a woman. Motherhood itself evokes a depth of "unconditional love" that only a mother can know and experience, and which pushes her forward on her path of spiritual enlightenment.

Meditating on the word "Luma" with closed eyes as you breathe in, and meditating on the word "Love" as you exhale create peace, calm and the synergy needed to encourage the safe transition of the spirit of your unborn child from the world of spirit through conception and birth.

Lumalove confident childbirth.

The side view Lumalove® logo, not by conscious design, is the shape of a pregnant woman nurturing and protecting her little one within. The 3 dots within the name add synergy to the visual logo representing the body, mind, spirit -- the father, mother, child -- the 3 trimesters or stages of pregnancy...   

Lumalove Health And Wellness.

Lumalove's Stepping Stone:

Nine years later, after making lots of mistakes, I’ve finally achieved a lot. To date I have 13,965 people signed into my websites. I had over 10,000 people a month watching my YouTube videos, until last month when my YouTube channels were mysteriously shut down without just cause or reason (I am currently tackling this issue, fighting to get my channels back up and running again). Still, I am an honest person with a huge mission in the world. Life goes on and I will not let this minor obstacle stand in my way.

I’ve launched a non-profit called Lumalove Reproductive Health LLC. Through it, I seek to educate young women and men on how to preserve their fertility so that they will be well-prepared for when they want to have a family. I continue to seek out other ways to generate traffic to my websites. Lumalove’s new referral or affiliate program is another avenue through which I seek to build a presence among and strong connection with other women and men working with individuals who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.  

My Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rate


Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rates

Over the years I’ve learned to become a businesswoman, create websites and turn my knowledge into products and services. All 18 Lumalove® products are created by me. They are delivered in down-to-earth “patient-language”, avoiding “doctor-speak” and allowing my company to position itself to recast what parents-to-be need to know about getting pregnant and the birthing process in order to produce happier, healthier babies.

Lumalove® will one day be the #1 resource couples from around the world turn to for help in increasing their success rates with traditional treatments and for reproductive health education. There is a lot I have accomplished thus far, but a lot I have yet to achieve. My journey with Lumalove continues… 

Signing Off Until Next Quarter

I Hope that you enjoy this newsletter, and that you remember to always go within your heart and remember who you are Divine Love. You are perfect just as you are. You do not need fixing. You just need a shift in mindset.

This a very exciting time here on planet earth, and sometimes it can also be challenging. Remember there is always help. We are all here to help one another.

Midwife Hannah Bajor Lumalove CEO

Midwife Hannah Bajor CEO Lumalove LLC

Lumalove Health And Wellness.




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