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Successful Columbia University Graduate Offers 1-on-1 Tutoring for All Ages, Many Subjects I am a female Columbia University economics grad, and am offering ONE ON ONE, special tutoring/teaching services in a variety of subjects to students/learners of all ages located anywhere in the world. I can tutor online (Skype, Oovo, etc).


I owe much of my 7-years' tutoring success to my patience with my students of all ages, my genuine care for their achievements and a focused plan on how to help them. I am great with kids too! Tutoring available in these subjects: SAT/ACT, biology, algebra, chemistry, English, English language, all math through calculus 3, basic Spanish 1 and 2, history and all science through organic chemistry 1.


If you know a child who needs help with his or her education, regardless of their age, I highly recommend my friend Sonika. I have seen the results she can produce! To coontact her just send her an email at internationaltutor1@gmail.com


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Reproductive Health And Wellness
Newsletter From Lumalove®

Thought For October 2012

  Celebrate YOU...

Health And Wellness Quartly Article

  Sperm, Ladies! How Is Your Partner Serving His Sperm Fried or Well Done...

Health And Wellness Featured Remedy

  Got Garlic? Get the Stinking Rose For Health And Wellness....

Dear Hannah October 2012

  Answering Your Questions Bridging Traditional Medicine And Medical Intuition...

Reproductive Health Research Snapshot

  "OBAMACARE" Delivered! My Hardest - Funniest - Most Important Delivery To Date...

Planetary Wisdom

  Grandmother Janette helps us understand what planetary forces are working with us...

Featured Product

  2-Way Profit Opportunity! ...

Lumalove Stepping Stones

  What does the brand name Lumalove mean, who we are and where we are going...

Thought For This Quarter

Celebrate YOU!  


Many times we become consumed with life's tasks that we forget we are amazing eternal beings. This human existence that started with our birth is just a small speckle of time in eternity. We existed before we became human and will continue to exist when the cycle of human life ends.

The more health and wellness we experience we learn to celebrate each moment in time, the happier, more centered and more present in the moment we become. Being present in the moment allows us to fully experience what we are going through.

Lumalove health and wellnessness celebrates you.

As we experience more of what we are going through, we clear the path ahead for a lighter, fulfilled future. Hardship, struggle, heartaches and heart breaks are only obstacles put in our path to help us find our inner strength to overcome them.

Every one of us has experienced life's obstacles and every one of us has questioned how we can get through or around the obstacles life has put in front of us. So take a moment and celebrate YOU for being the courageous person you are, for having chosen to become human and having overcome life's challenges. I would love to hear what challenges you have overcome, so that we as a collective group of humans can celebrate YOU with YOU. Click on http://www.LumaloveProducts.com/blog/ to share your stories.  

This Month's Article

How Is Your Partner Serving His Sperm Fried or Well Done?


How is your man serving his sperm, fried or well done? Sperm can be accidentally overcooked if your partner is not aware of the effect of his body temperature on his precious jewels! But, it's not his fault if he is serving his sperm as fried rather than well done.

If he is serving his baby-making sperm to you when you are trying to get pregnant in an overcooked, fried manner, then this is the fault of our education system, because if he knew better he would not be making this deadly mistake.


God didn't put the male scrotum outside the body to play with or as a mark of manhood. He put them there to hang low and be cool for a very specific reason - sperm are extremely sensitive to heat. So here are some authentic, professional insights into how your partner should be serving his sperm! The temperature of the male scrotum can determine the health of the sperm.

Men have a muscle around their scrotum that involuntarily contracts or relaxes when the body temperature changes. When your man is cold, his scrotum shrivels up, and when he is physically hot, his scrotum hangs low in an attempt to keep his sperm at the right temperature.

The normal body temperature is about 98.6 °F or 37 °C which is lethal to sperm. This is why the normal temperature of the male scrotum is on average 3.6 °F or 2 °C lower than the rest of his body. If the male scrotum reaches a body temperature of 95.6 °F or 35 °C then the overcooking process begins and sperm are likely to be killed off or rendered useless when you are trying to get pregnant.

Sperm analysis

Now you may ask what happens to the sperm when they enter the warmth of the female vagina. Women, if you have not realized it before, are amazing beings. They are naturally wired to automatically have a huge dip in their body temperature right around their most fertile time of the month. This amazing dip in body temperature occurs to prevent the female body from over-frying her mate's sperm when she is trying to get pregnant. This natural cyclical change in female body temperature around ovulation helps to nurture sperm.

Every month the male testes are capable of producing an astonishing 12,000,000,000 sperm! Every time your man ejaculates, on average he spills out about 300,000,000 sperm in the half a teaspoon of fluid he produces. So you may be wondering why so many women are trying to get pregnant when there is such an abundance of male sperm. There are many reasons why women struggle with trying to get pregnant.

Sperm analysis

One of these reasons is that under normal circumstances, even though 300,000,000 sperm are released in one ejaculation, only 300 of the top sperm swimmers will ever make the ten hour marathon swim from the port of entry, the vagina, up to the city of destination, the fallopian tube where the female egg is waiting for conception to occur.

 What your man can do to prevent overcooking his sperm:!


Get rid of tight underwear - swap over to boxer briefs Swap your tight-fitting jeans for looser-legged jeans or regular pants Start showering instead of bathing. The temperature of a hot bath can be as high as 108 °F or 42.2 °C (remember temperatures above 95.6 °F or 35 °C kill sperm) Cut out saunas - the average temperature of a sauna can be as high as between 70 °C (158 °F) and 100 °C (212 °F).Saunas can kill sperm.

Sperm health and underwear.

Here is a quick story on body temperature and male fertility!

Between 1930 and 1950, Dr. Martha Voegeli, a pioneer in the field of male contraceptive research, worked in India. Dr. Voegeli took a group of men and investigated the effect of bathing in water temperature of 110 °F (43.3 °C ) for 45 minutes a day for 3 weeks on his MALE fertility.

She proved different bath temperatures produced varying lengths of infertility in the men studied. A bath temperature of 110 °F (43.3 °C) provided contraception for at least 4 months. A bath temperature of 116°F (46.7 °C) would give you contraceptive protection for 6 months! Now who doesn't love a nice hot bath? My husband included.

So when I read about this study off I went and did my own experiment. I went out and bought one of those large swimming pool thermometers and decided to test the temperature of my husband’s bath water for 7 days in a row. Every evening he would fill the bath tub I would go check his bath water temperature.

It turned out, that he was boiling his sperm because his average bath water temperature was 108 °F or 42.2 °C - enough to cause 4 months of infertility according to Dr. Voegelis research! So from then on until we got pregnant my husband, by no choice of his own, was a shower only guy!

Bath temprature and sperm

I hope you found this article about the temperature of male sperm interesting. Reproductive health education should be the responsibility of our teachers, health care providers and parents. But we cannot fault them if we are uneducated since many times our parents themselves lack basic reproductive health care knowledge.

Our teachers are restricted as to what they can and can't share with students. Our health care providers have no time for patient education. They are overworked with more patients to see in order to cover increasing overheads and malpractice insurance. Sadly the time has come when we as a society need to be self-educated about our reproductive health, and not from our friends and family since at times they have it all wrong.

Sperm health and wellness education.

This is where I come in. I have used my 30 years' midwifery knowledge and created the Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® - the #1 online video educational resource that answers many questions couples have when they are trying to get pregnant. For more information about my program and to listen to some FREE getting pregnant videos please click on http://www.LumaloveGettingPregnant.com

Featured Remedy

Got Garlic? Get the Stinking Rose For Health And Wellness!


For more than 5,000 years Garlic has been valued for its healing properties and ability to increase the body’s strength, energy resulting in an increase state of health and wellness. The builders of the three great pyramids at Giza in Egypt are said to have eaten garlic to regenerate their bodies after their back-breaking work.

Today garlic is thought to prevent heart disease, stroke and hypertension. It's essential oils and other components have strong antibiotic, anti fungal and anti viral properties.

Garlic for health and wellness.

Getting the medical benefits of garlic is easy because it makes for a delicious seasoning for so many foods. Add chopped raw garlic to cooked meats, poultry and vegetables for use in salads. Immerse crushed garlic in oil for a dressing or pickle whole garlic cloves for a tasty condiment. Garlic can also be made into a salve to help ease neuralgia, joint pain, sprains, foot corns and other skin afflictions. It is great for stopping the growth of a cold sore by applying a raw clove of garlic to the lesion on your lip - of course discarding the clove when done, as a cold sore is in fact oral herpes and is very contagious.


The sulfur found in garlic essential oil makes it a potent disinfectant and a good defense for killing germs in the body. After garlic is ingested, it is absorbed into the blood stream and then defused through various organs. In this way the skin, the intestines, lungs and urinary system all profit from the highly effective healing properties of garlic and improves our chances to experience a state of health and wellness.

Garlic kills germs.


Garlic is rich in essential oils, whose principal active agent is "allicin". This compound is responsible for garlic’s characteristic odor as well as its many healing properties. In addition garlic contains calcium, selenium, potassium and zinc.


It is a well known fact that eating a lot of garlic can cause bad breath or body odor. The reason for this is that the oils from the garlic are excreted through the respiratory system and the skin. To lessen this effect, just chew fresh parsley, fresh thyme or fresh peppermint after eating garlic.



There is some talk that pregnant and nursing mothers should not take large daily amounts of garlic such as 5 to 7 cloves a day. Research also indicates that when a pregnant woman ingests a large quantity of garlic, the scent and taste crosses the placenta barrier and can be detected in the amniotic fluid.

It is said that babies who are born to moms who consumed large daily quantities of garlic during pregnancy tend to be more open to eating new and different flavors of foods. Garlic is not bad for the growing fetus, but who wants to be in a strong garlic environment day in and day out?

Garlic during pregnancy.

Consuming a little garlic on a regular basis during pregnancy is good for the pregnant mom. Garlic helps boost her immune system which is naturally suppressed during pregnancy.  

A suppressed immune system is one of the main reasons why pregnant moms are more prone to urinary and vaginal infections, colds and the flu.

It has been researched that garlic supplementation tablets during pregnancy are very effective in the management of pregnancy-related blood pressure conditions such as pregnancy hypertension and pre-eclampsia. Therefore if a pregnant woman takes garlic on a regular basis she may prevent such conditions from occurring. It has also been researched that consuming garlic helps to eliminate mercury consumption especially if the pregnant mom loves fish. Therefore in general fish and garlic are a great combination.

If you are a garlic lover, then it is advisable to reduce your intake before your due date, because you may end up having a cesarean section birth. The reason for this is that garlic has a tendency to thin the blood to prevent blood clots. 30-40% of all births are now cesarean section births.

All women bleed at the time of giving birth because of the hemodynamic changes that occur during pregnancy and birth. This makes women more prone to hemorrhaging which is one of the major causes of maternal deaths associated with childbirth. I experienced this myself as I had a serious post partum hemorrhage with my second delivery (but not due to excessive garlic intake).

Garlic and pregnancy.


Fresh garlic mixed with honey is an effective home remedy for colds, hoarseness and inflammation of the throat. Use a garlic press or mini food processer to crush one ounce of fresh garlic cloves. Mix with one cup of honey and let the mixture sit for one hour, allowing the garlic oils to saturate the honey. Then store in a refrigerator. At the first sign of a cold take 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture and every hour thereafter. Should the cold get worse, this mixture can also be used to relieve chest congestion and sooth coughing.


Garlic's antibiotic qualities have been used to help treat ulcers. For best results eat between 5-7 cloves of garlic throughout the day either with milk or spread on bread.


Garlic lowers LDL bad cholesterol levels and raises the HDL good cholesterol, thus helping to prevent the buildup of plaque within the coronary arteries. It also helps prevent the buildup of blood clots within the blood vessels. Both actions protect against heart attacks and stroke.

Garlic health and welllness.


Place a freshly mashed garlic clove and rub it over the affected area.


Choose solid firm bulbs. The outer skin color should be white or violet in color.


Store in a cool dry place such as a ceramic garlic keeper as it is best for air circulation. Garlic is best stored outside the refrigerator to preserve its healing properties.  

Ask HannahOctober 2012


Hannah, a midwife of 30 years, is also a medical intuitive and has the ability to scan anyone and any situation to see what may be the underlying cause to a disease process.


 Every month Hannah will scan and answer some questions sent in by our readers. Your information will remain private. Here are some questions she has scanned.

Midwife Hannah Bajor

Lumalove Question and answer.

Question: Josephines Question: I have been in severe back pain for a week. The chiropractor is helping somewhat, but can you advise me on what to do?

In scanning your energy you are energetically split and very ungrounded. It is very difficult for you to be here in the physical plane because of your super intelligence. You are very broad with the regular human way of existence. Your back will never completely heal until you accept that life is what it is - a place of density. You need to find passion for life and do some fun things which take you out of the mundane world. Life is what you make of it and passion starts from within you. Your body’s electrolytes are not balanced; you could do with taking a good mineral supplement.

Lumalove question and answer.

Question: Linda's Question:Again, my issues are chronic fibromyalgia pain between my scapular and shoulders and issues of betrayal/rejection. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. I have daily pain between my scapular and shoulders, which was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Try as I might, I can't seem to get to the root cause to resolve it once and for all. Also, issues of betrayal and rejection are rampant in my life, and just when I think I've gotten to the root, they rise again.

Here is my assessment. You have a past life trauma memory of having been beaten and dragged on your shoulders. You have a lot of toxins in your body, which cause muscles to become toxic and as a result you are experiencing a mild case of depression. Detox your body, supplement with an all-around vitamin, mineral and antioxidant program. Seek help from energetic healers and homeopaths to give you more immediate relief.

Lumalove question and answer.

Question: Sue's Question:Do you see a relationship happening for me in 2012? Are there any blocks that you feel are hampering me, and if so what can I do about them?

I feel you have a lot of inner sadness and this is blocking your heart chakra from opening. When the issue of relationships comes up for you, I feel you are wasting energy wondering when and where this will occur. In fact you seem to be burdened that you may be alone in life. My advice to you is to trust in the Divine plan, that when the time is right all will unfold without much effort on your behalf. A mate will not fill voids for you in your life. He will just add to what you have got.

There is emptiness within you that you are looking to be filled, but guess what? You are the only one who can fill this void. This is done through self-acceptance on every level. Using a piece of raw rose quartz on your heart chakra while going to bed at night will assist in your healing. I would also suggest seeing a homeopath who will assist in integrating the totality of yourself.  

Send In Your Questions:

Interested in having Hannah scan a question for you? Then email Hannah directly onHannah@Lumalove.com.com

Giving her your

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth And Age
  • City, State, Country
  •  Your Question or Situation to Scan!

Your contact info is confidential and will not be posted on any of our websites or this newsletter. Your name will be changed if your question is posted in this newsletter. If your question is answered, then Hannah will personally email you your response.

Ask midwife hannah.

In writing to "Dear Hannah" you are agreeing to allow her to post your question and answer it on her websites or newsletter. Many people have similar issues. So by asking your question, you may not only help yourself, but also help many others. Thank you for contributing!  

Research Snapshot

"OBAMACARE" Delivered: How Obamacare Will Effect You, Your Health Care Provider and Employer!


My Hardest - Funniest - Most Important Delivery To Date!




Lumalove health and wellness monthly newsletter.


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Transcription Of Video Footage

AMACARE: The Bottom Line For You And Your Provider! On this day October 17th 2012 exactly 52 years ago, my mother delivered me into the world. 52 years later I am still as outspoken as I was when I was a wee little lass growing up in Ireland. I’m now a US citizen and I’m here to deliver to you the bottom line on the OBAMACARE  Health Care Reform Act - how its going to affect YOU as a patient and how it is going to affect YOUR health care provider. Oh hold on a second…

Obamacare delivered.

My name is Hannah Bajor. I am a certified nurse midwife with 30 years experience. I've delivered over 2,000 babies and cared for more than 10,000 women in this condition. I’m author of multiple books and programs. I’ve been a keynote speaker at global health conferences. My company Lumalove is recasting what parents-to-be know about getting pregnant and delivering babies. Here is my credential manual.

But my experience with the U.S. healthcare system, my 10 years struggle to get pregnant, my 16-week miscarriage, my preterm labor experience , and the fact that I almost died in childbirth are far more impressive credentials. You see when things goes wrong we all expect immediate access to experienced physicians and surgeons. But the delivery of OBAMACARE is going to change everything....

Midwife Hannah Bajor

I’m not into politics. But OBAMACARE is not going to deliver the best to America. These two videos on OBAMACARE will give you few laughs, maybe generate some rude comments. BUT it will educate you as to the future of health care if OBAMACARE is not changed. Everything I am about to say on OBAMACARE is fact, not speculation.

I’ve read the entire 1990 page OBAMACARE policy, which I am carrying around with me to deliver to you the bottom line scoop on OBAMACARE!

OBAMACARE will force all of us to opt into a government run “one plan for all” health care insurance system that will restrict – which providers we choose - what tests we can have done - what specialists we can see - what medications we can take - what medical supplies we can have - and it restricts us by law by preventing us from been able to write in a living will that if we are riddles with cancer or dying a horrific death we can no longer say don't feed me and let me die in peace....

Obamacare delivery.

Physicians surveyed in 2010 on OBAMACARE stated 40% of them will close their practices and retire from patient care. President Obama knows this. These pages clearly state that there will be an incentive for hospitals to man themselves with more residents and encourage the expansion of Advance Practiced Nurse Managed Health Care Centers. What this means to you is that access to experienced physicians and surgeons will be limited. If you need a procedure such as an ultrasounds, mammography, x rays or heart surgery, you’ll be on a waiting list and it may be weeks or months before you’ll be called for the procedure. If the surgery is urgent it will probably be done by an inexperienced resident, enough to put any woman in labor....

Now on the bright side of OBAMACARE no one will be refused healthcare insurance or be charged a higher premium if you’re old, smoke or have a chronic disease. If your employer offers dependent children coverage, you can now keep your kids on your insurance policy until they are 26 years old, no matter where, what they do or their marital status.

Obamacare and what it means.

All insurance policies will have to offer essential services such as hospitalization, professional services, medical supplies, medication, rehabilitative, preventive services, maternity and child care. Children under the age of 21 will have dental, vision and hearing services. But you'll have to pay for them... As of January 2014 there will be two types of insurance plans offered to all Americans.

You'll have the private plan offered by your employer AND you'll have the State Health Insurance Exchange plan. Both options must offer 3 levels of coverage. The basic- the enhanced - and the premium plan. Each plan offer a certain level of coverage.

Obamacare offers us 3 options.

Your copayment will now be 30%, 15% or 5% depending on the plan. The better the policy the more you pay. Medicaid clients get the basic plan but after 3 years they can pay a monthly premium for the enhanced plan. If your employer is mandated to offer insurance they only have to offer you the basic plan.

If your American and you don't get health insurance you'll be fined $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. By 2016 this penalty will be $2,085 per person per year. The estimated 30 million newly insured Americans will put a huge strain on doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers.

Obamacare will fine you if you do not get health coverage.

Providers will have to follow national guidelines, be penalized if we don't. More patients means more tests, which means more results to read and we as providers will be paid a low ball capitated fee for service which is estimated to be less than what Medicaid is currently paying. Drug research will be affected as we as providers will be forced to prescribe generic drugs.

Employer flexible spending accounts are cut from $5,000 to $2,500 and we can no longer apply over the counter prescriptions or medical supplies towards them. But we do get a small break on our yearly tax deductions on medical expense. It increases from 7.5% to 10%. BUT we will now be charged an new 2.9% exise tax on all medical supplies. If you’re single and earn more than $200,000 a year or $250,000 as a couple, you will pay an extra 0.9% Medicare tax on every paycheck you earn. The stress of the whole lot is bringing on these contractions...

OK so what about women's healthcare? The good news is that every insurance policy will cover this state of pregnancy. But we will see a further increase in cesarean section births because your provider will be paid the same amount for a c/section as for a vaginal delivery. It's going to be easier for them to do a c/section, because a c/section takes 20 minutes and no one wants to wait around for 12-24 hours when your in labor to deliver your baby and they are not been paid for the number of hours spent with you in labor.

Forget about having your epidurals for pain relief in labor because anesthesiologists can no longer charge exorbitant rates. The government will decide what will be the national standard fee for service rendered. Anasthesiologiest will not like it and they will have a bigger attitude than they have right now.

Obamacare and pregnancy.

Every policy, except for religious organizations, will have contraception coverage without a copayment. But listen to this religious organizations will still cover Viagra for men! Abortion will no longer be covered by Medicaid. Post mastectomy prosthesis and supplies will be covered, nothing about reconstructive surgery.

 Women under the age of 50 cannot have a mammography unless it is medically justified. No more copayment for essential preventative health services such as mammographies, pap smears, cholesterol screening and colonoscopies. The screening age for pap smears will be 21 to 65. They can only be done every 3 years or every 5 years if you want HPV testing. HPV testing cannot be ordered on anyone younger than 30 or on its own.

None of these 1990 pages mention infertility screening or management, but mention almost everything else you could think of. BUT NOTHING ABOUT INFERTILITY, which affects 7.3 million women annually...

By 20-20, all GENERIC drugs for seniors will be covered but overall their benefits will shrink. Legal immigrants can’t get Medicaid for the first 5 years in the country, but may get some financial assistant to buy into the exchange.  

Obamacare and infertility.

Illegal aliens are banned from buying healthcare insurance, but can’t be refused hospital ER treatment. Uncompensated care allotment will be increased. And if you fall within certain income ranges from the federal poverty line, you will get assistance. So the biggest winners with OBAMACARE are the poor and the uninsured....

So before I birth this one, let me tell you that tomorrow I will be coming out with more information about how OBAMACARE will affect your employer. Stay tuned for that. As a concerned citizen you have to act now. Time is running out...

Please help me deliver my message to all of America today. Prove the power of social media, leave your comments and send this video link to everyone you know.

Collectively we can deliver the bottom line on what OBAMACARE means to you, your healthcare and to all of America. Our country is broke, Oh and so and so has my water and there is not one person around to help me....  

Obamacare muse be stopped.

Oh gee wiz! I'v been in labor all night. Time is running, but I have to deliver the rest of OBAMACARE to you right now so you understand how OBAMACARE will affect your employer and how its going to affect you as an employee. If your employer has fewer than 25 employees they will be offered a 35% tax credit if they offer health insurance through the government exchange...

Companies with more than 50 employees will be required to provide basic health insurance coverage or pay the government a penalty fee of $2,000 per worker per year not insured. The first 30 uninsured employees don't count. If your company offers insurance to you, you have to take it or buy from the exchange. Either way, both you and the employer must make insurance payments on time...

Obamacare and your employer.

But here's the bun in the oven! Large companies may decide to drop healthcare coverage and instead choose to pay the government’s annual $2,000 fine per employee. So let's say your employer has 1,000 employees and currently they are paying a minimum of $6,000 per year per insurance plan. 6000 x 1000employees = 6 million dollars a year your employer is paying for healthcare.

Why pay this when they can get away with paying 2 million instead in fines to the government and save themselves 4 million dollars per year? This OBAMACARE is been delivered unless you take action to make sure it gets changed....

This is one delivery that could one day save your life... Get the doctor in here quick, I am about to deliver, if you can't find him get the orderly, get anyone that's out there that will listen, this hospital sucks, the staff are too busy. It's a good job I am a midwife because delivering the facts on this 1990 page OBAMACARE Health Care Reform Act has been MY toughest delivery in 30 years.

Obamacare delivered.

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Planetary Wisdom


You may be wondering about why we included a section called "Planetary Wisdom" in the Lumalove Health And Wellness Newsletter.

The answer is very simple! As humans, we are affected by any energy we encounter, including the energy of others, the energy of our physical environment, that of our work environment and the energy of the universe.

Lumalove astrology.

The more energetically conscious we become, the easier life becomes. The planets are constantly changing, and so too are the energies they emanate. Planetary influences can be compared to the great ocean tides. They can be calm and gentle or fierce and destructive. Knowing what planetary waves will be coming into shore every month gives us the opportunity to flow with or against the tides of nature.

October 17th through November 18th

Grandmother Janette


We are now in the sign of Libra which commenced on Sept 22nd through October 23rd. Libra represents balance, peace, harmony, beauty and grace. Libra's tend to be cheerful, optimistic, artistic and relationships, romance and co-operation is important to Libra people. Libra's tends to have a hard time to make decisions as they can see both sides of an argument.

The symbol for Libra is the scales. The element is air. The quality is Cardinal. Libra rules the 7th house of the Zodiac. The ruling planet is Venus. Good colors for a Libra is blue, any shades. The semi precious stone is the blue lace agate. The main organs ruled by Libra is the lower back and kidneys where we hold most of our fear.

Lumalove Health And Wellness.

Venus is the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra. Venus was the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, also representing the feminine and fertility. Venus rules love and relationship, culture activities, art, luxury items and beautiful jewelry. Generally all the above falls under her rulership, also the importance of material possession is associated with the planet Venus. Of all the planets in the zodiac the signs Libra and Taurus or Libra or Taurus rising or the Moon sign are influenced by the rulership of Venus and all share the importance and value of nice material possessions.

The 7th house rules the sign of Libra which relates to relationships of both business and personal nature. The 7th house determines your experiences with marriage and partnerships. Ironically, this area represents both spectrums of relationships, that of love and hate.

Love relationship are those of goodness and marriage and hate relationships are those that cause you conflict. This is the time of the year to look at relationships and question are they working for you or are they causing conflict for you.

Lumalove health and wellness.

Question yourself are you contributing to the conflict. If so take a step back and evaluate what are you judging the other person for, because when we judge another we actually have that issue within ourselves. Ask yourself are you willing to love yourself enough to accept others where they are? If you can stop judging the other person then in essence you stop judging yourself and you move into a place of acceptance of that part of yourself that was in conflict and suddenly the conflict within the relationship will disappear as you are no longer giving it energy.

The main point of the 7th house is to step away from oneself and serving the needs in order to share and co-operate with others, meaning not always wanting to be right all the time. Everything in life is about relationships whether it be with your lover, your mother, your friends, your family or your work colleagues.

Having a life path reading which is a phone service I offer helps you understand the karma you face in relationships. It brings clarity as to why some relationships are harder than others. It gives you insight into yourself and into the relationship you encounter in fife.

Lumalove health and wellness.

Having access to this information immediately allows you to be more happier and more fulfilled in life. Information about a personal life reading session with me is at the bottom of this segment. Life becomes so much easier when you understand this element. The energy of Libra's new moon experience on October 15th is still available to us to manifest harmonious possibilities, to expand new projects, to expand our personal and business relationships and expand our circle of lasting beneficial friendships.

This is a great time to put in motion a plan to accomplish your hearts desires because the energy of this new moon will help fuel and energies new projects. Be careful not to scatter your energy by over extending yourself. It is a time to be focused and balanced and this is why it is easier to achieve your dreams if you implement a plan of action, follow through and see what unfolds.

 The planetary energy of Venus that is upon us now is forcing us to redefine the role of relationships and marriage to serve the 21st century unions. The ancient marriage pledge of "till death do us part" was implemented over 2,000 years ago when the average marriage lasted 11 years because the life span of people was 30 to 35 years.  

One reason why divorce could be on the rise is because we are living longer and the marriage promise of the past does not apply to the life we are experiencing. In other words we need to redefine the role of marriage to serve the 21st century union.  

Health and wellness plan.

The planets of Uranus and Pluto are challenging our outdated gender roles, beliefs and traditions that no longer serve our person and collective evolution. The past is fading away, we are at new starting point, all outdated old beliefs are disintegrating. Male and female roles are evolving and as such we are both instrumental in birthing the new empowered human beings.

We are awakening, our beliefs patterns are changing, we are beginning to understand that control is an illusion. We can NOT controlling anyone or anything, but can control our own response to all situations. In truth all of life is about mastering relationships with self, with our creator, our environment, each other, our work and life in general.

Desting caused health and wellness.

The more we understand ourselves the easier relationships become and we have a heightened sense of awareness of life's synchronicity that are nudging us along on our life's path and life's destiny.   

My life's path is to help others understand their life's path and life's destiny. If you want clarity on any relationship or life situation please do not hesitate to click on my website which is http://www.skylightreadings.com and book a phone session with me.  

Sending you Much Love, Light and Blessings,

Granmother Janette


 Have a Life's Purpose Reading

Grandmother Janette My dear friend Janette offers destiny and life purpose readings over the phone. She has helped many people become very successful and happier in life by helping them access higher levels of self expression through her knowledge and readings. Her rates are very reasonable.

Check out her newsletter and services by clicking on http://www.SkyLightReadings.com  

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Lumalove affecliate markering.

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Lumalove has over 20,000 subscribers.

 Over 20,000 people subscribe to our newsletter. We are looking for products or services that improve our lives in some way. Your product or service will first be evaluated by Hannah. If approved, you will be notified by email of the approval. Your product or service will then be featured in our "Featured Product" section/ad space in our newsletter for a flat fee for each month you would like your product featured in our newsletter.

For more information, please write to hannah@lumalove.com we need to chat about the featured product...  

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Our Baby's Growin' Up Fast



Our blog was launched just a month ago, and in just the first month of its infancy, it's gotten lots of attention. Over 160 readers have already reached out to Hannah, la au courant women's health and midwifery expert with thankful and curious comments and questions. More than 70 posts have been well-received and we have plenty more hot ones lined up that are sure to get loads of attention and chatter going! Blog for health and wellness.

The blog has quickly become the main hub where Hannah shares goodies of all the knowledge packed inside her with readers. She shares positive messages for her readers each week. You'll also find Hannah's opinions on current health events topics such as Obamacare and the latest ground-breaking science and research news. So go on over to the blog and see what the buzz about our baby is all about by clicking http://lumaloveproducts.com/blog  

Brand Expansion!


After months of filing, months of waiting we have now officially extended the Lumalove Brand and received the Registered Trademark for expansion of product line for baby layette's and maternity clothing.

Lumalove brand,


Why do I do what I do?


Following the birth of my second son Bryan I had a very serious postpartum hemorrhage from which I lost over 50% of my blood volume. During this incident I met tall angelic beings that gave me a death option exit.

I was shown what life would be like for my two sons if I chose to die. They would be fine as my husband is a great father. He would care for them very well, but the one thing he could not give them was a mother's love. They showed me my funeral and how everyone would grieve, and the bad publicity that home births would garner especially since I was a midwife.

These angelic beings told me that if I chose to stay in this life, my life would change and that one day I would be known throughout the world for my work. When one has such an experience, it haunts his or her soul until this person takes action and figures out what it is that he or she is here to share or do.

Lumalove and what it stands for,

As time passed I realized that my mission in the world was enormous. And to achieve my purpose in life I needed outside help and to learn how to become a businesswoman. Part of this learning curve involved hiring a professional branding specialist, someone who would help me create a brand name like Pepsi, Coke, Pampers, etc. About $6,400 later, the brand "Lumalove" was created and registered.


What Does Lumalove Mean?

We are hoping that your first reaction to the word Lumalove is "what does it mean?" If so, then we are on the right path. Eventually you will know us as "the confident childbirth people"! 

 Hidden within the word Lumalove is the word "Uma", the goddess of fertility, to empower and support women in mastering their fertility cycles. When the "Goddess Uma" is called upon, she watches over and promotes fertility, pregnancy and birth, and amazing things happen.  

Uma the goddess of fertility.

The word "Luma" represents illumination. The word illumination means intellectual or spiritual enlightenment -- a great goal for our human global community to attain. The physical process of pregnancy is a very sacred event for a woman. Motherhood itself evokes a depth of "unconditional love" that only a mother can know and experience, and which pushes her forward on her path of spiritual enlightenment.

Meditating on the word "Luma" with closed eyes as you breathe in, and meditating on the word "Love" as you exhale create peace, calm and the synergy needed to encourage the safe transition of the spirit of your unborn child from the world of spirit through conception and birth.

Lumalove confident childbirth.

The side view Lumalove® logo, not by conscious design, is the shape of a pregnant woman nurturing and protecting her little one within. The 3 dots within the name add synergy to the visual logo representing the body, mind, spirit -- the father, mother, child -- the 3 trimesters or stages of pregnancy...   

Lumalove Health And Wellness Newsletter,

Lumalove's Stepping Stone:

Nine years later, after making lots of mistakes, I’ve finally achieved a lot. To date I have 13,965 people signed into my websites. I had over 10,000 people a month watching my YouTube videos, until last month when my YouTube channels were mysteriously shut down without just cause or reason (I am currently tackling this issue, fighting to get my channels back up and running again). Still, I am an honest person with a huge mission in the world. Life goes on and I will not let this minor obstacle stand in my way.

I’ve launched a non-profit called Lumalove Reproductive Health LLC. Through it, I seek to educate young women and men on how to preserve their fertility so that they will be well-prepared for when they want to have a family. I continue to seek out other ways to generate traffic to my websites. Lumalove’s new referral or affiliate program is another avenue through which I seek to build a presence among and strong connection with other women and men working with individuals who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.  

My Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rate


Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® Success Rates

Over the years I’ve learned to become a businesswoman, create websites and turn my knowledge into products and services. All 18 Lumalove® products are created by me. They are delivered in down-to-earth “patient-language”, avoiding “doctor-speak” and allowing my company to position itself to recast what parents-to-be need to know about getting pregnant and the birthing process in order to produce happier, healthier babies.

Lumalove® will one day be the #1 resource couples from around the world turn to for help in increasing their success rates with traditional treatments and for reproductive health education. There is a lot I have accomplished thus far, but a lot I have yet to achieve. My journey with Lumalove continues… 

Signing Off Until Next Quarter

I Hope that you enjoy this newsletter, and that you remember to always go within your heart and remember who you are Divine Love. You are perfect just as you are. You do not need fixing. You just need a shift in mindset.

This a very exciting time here on planet earth, and sometimes it can also be challenging. Remember there is always help. We are all here to help one another.

Midwife Hannah Bajor Lumalove CEO

Midwife Hannah Bajor CEO Lumalove LLC





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